Jon Carrabino

Owner & Founder, Director of Fitness and Sports Performance

  • B.S. - Education

       (Defiance College)

  • Certified Speed and Agility Specialist


  • Certified Youth Strength and Conditioning Specialist


  • CPT-Certified Personal Trainer


  • Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist


  • Certified Performance Coach    

       (Ignition APG)

  • 6 years Collegiate and Semi Pro Athletics (Football & Track)


Jon is passionate about helping people LevelUp their lives through fitness and sports, and he founded LevelUp Training that goal in mind. The LTC is a one stop shop facility designed to provide the community with the necessary resources to achieve their athletic/fitness goals through advanced physical training, character development, nutrition, nutritional guidance and quality sports program offerings.  

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Emma West

Stephan Umfress

Performance Coach/Basketball Coach


Stephan is going into his Senior Year at Madonna University.
He is working on his major in Nutrition. Stephan brings his passion in Nutrition, Fitness and Basketball to LevelUp. Stephan can be found training our youth and high school performance classes, or on the court helping young hoopers levelup their basketball game.

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Jared Janssen

Sports and Program Director


Jared  has been here since the start of LevelUp. He’s been involved for over 6 years, helping to introduce athletes to what we do, and support our mission within the community. All the while, he’s been working to build JJ Sports Video, and to be a varsity basketball coach at Ida.

During COVID, Jared stepped up in getting involved more at the facility and it only made sense to bring him on board. We are very excited to have him on the team officially at LevelUp as our Sports Director. Jared has a unique skill set gained from building his own business, and having passion for helping kids that will only make what we do better.

Airrin Carrabino

  • Bachelors in Graphic Design and Communications
    Minor in Marketing

       (Defiance College)

  • 11+ Years of taking care of Jon.


Airrin is a superstar wife, mommy and bootcamper who is the hero in the background for organization in the facility. Airrin loves creating content for social media, the website and more, so when you see her around the LTC, smile big for the camera she will probably have in tow.

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Bill Swinkey

Desk Staff 

Bill has been with LevelUp for 2 amount of years. Bill has not only helped out at the desk, but being a bright spirit in our LevelUp atmosphere! He has a passion for soccer and has been able to spread that passion by helping out with soccer camps and coaching. 

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