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Team Training

Small group

Small Group Training is a more personalized approach to training, and consists of 4 to 6 athletes in a closed group. These workouts are scheduled by appointment - at 2 time slots a week or 3 time slots a week. (Example: Tue & Thu at 10am = 8 workouts completed in one month.) Sign-Up with friends, teammates or athletes of the same sports/level. 


TEam Training

Coaches, off-season training is so important! As a coach you want your main focus to be on skill training specific to the sport. When the season comes you want your athletes to be ready. Even with your off-season training program, there are just not enough hours available to really focus on all of the strength, speed, agility and flexibility training needed for athletes to perform at their highest level. This is where we can be a resource to your programs success! Bring the entire team for a Performance session!


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