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Performance Training Classes

train like no one else.

stand out from everyone else.



Athletes 18+

College Athletes home for the Summer can count on LevelUp to keep them at the top of their game. Multiple registration options available.

MWF 9-10:15 AM / T&TH-4:45-6:00 PM

High School & Middle School Sports Performance

Athletes 11-17

For athletes serious about making a difference in the game, committed to working hard and perfecting their craft, or even battling an injury. Break the traditional training mold and LEVELUP.

MWF: 10:30-11:30 / T&TH 5-6PM

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movement assessment

all ages

With an assessment our coaches can pinpoint your improvement areas. What areas of your body may be out of sync, what areas are causing pain and maybe injury or are most injury-prone. The assessment helps our coaches create a personalized training program for you to target those problem spots and help you improve!

An assessment also includes an education session where you/your athlete can learn about GOATA, our training principles, why it's the best in the world, and how it will change your life! Assessments begin at $150. If purchased with a program, assessment price is discounted.

Appointment Based


at home workouts & Equipment

add on regimen

for All Ages

 Adding at-home sessions to your regimen is a great way to remain consistent in your training journey. All sessions can be done at home - with workouts delivered right to your phone! Add on 12 at-home sessions (per month) to your class or private training package ($100)

Our equipment package features everything you need to max-out your at home sessions for years to come. You'll receive a pair of slant boards, a resistance band, a LevelUp Recode shirt, 

a hydration mix, by BioSteel and a water bottle ($75)

Add On Both & Save


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