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Sponsorship program

When we support our local athletes, we all win. 

At LevelUp, we pride ourselves in being the home of the athlete. No matter the circumstance, we want out facility available and our doors open for those with the passion, drive and dedication to becoming the best version of themselves. We also want our doors open to those who need a place to call home, a place to be a part of something - a community. 

As a small business in the Monroe community, we also know how important it is to support one another. At the LTC we have athletes, members and their from all over SE Michigan come through our doors and what better way to showcase the great business in our community than to all of our visitors, while also building something great to give back to our local student athletes, 

This program is designed to help our business, help your business. Let's show each other other, and show this community how great we all truly are! 


On this page you'll find information regarding our all new sponsorship program for 2021, our sponsorship contract detailing the package of your choosing, and our online application where you can submit your contract, and company details.

From single item options, to carefully built out programs the LTC has so many unique ways to showcase your business both digitally, and physically here at the facility. We hope you'll consider becoming a sponsor for the LevelUp Training Complex and that together, we can build up this great community. 

Thank you. 

Donations to The NextUp Foundation are Tax Deductible  a non-profit 501(c)3 Tax ID: 85-2902803

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