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Become a LevelUp Club Member Today.

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We have been working hard to put together a package to help give you and your family the best of LevelUp! We have even added some exciting new features we think you will love. Best of all, it includes exclusive member discounts to save you money on programs for the entire family!

Read below to learn more and to sign up. 

Or contact us by email: or phone: 734,344,6550 today!

What's included?


  • Top of the line training equipment available for your use!


  • ALL NEW Fitness Center Room to provide a more private workout space equipped with everything you need


  • ALL NEW Cardio Room equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers and more! (Coming Jan 2020)


  • Fitness coaches dedicated to your success

    • Offering free fitness assessments, guidance and tips


  • Special Offers for Bio-Steel Nutrition Products 


  • ALL ACCESS Key Tag and App for easy scheduling and facility access


  • EXCLUSIVE Member-Only discounts (up to 25%) for LevelUp Programs



Who this is for

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 5.05.01 PM.png

This is Stephan.

Stephan is a student.


Stephan pays $25 for his LevelUp Membership.

He attends open gym when it works for his schedule.

He enjoys open court time to work on his basketball skills.

Stephan also enjoys 25% off of his athlete program. Instead of paying $162 for a performance program, Stephan pays only $120!

This is Mitch and this is Cori.
Mitch is an adult. Cori is an adult.

Each pay $40 for their LevelUp Membership.

Mitch enjoys hitting open gym at 5AM. While Cori ends her day in the new Fitness Room at LevelUp.

Mitch and Cori also both save 25% on their bootcamp membership. Mitch saves $30 on his monthly program, and Cori saves $75 on her 3 month program. 

This is the West Family. 

The kids both play sports. Mom and Dad enjoy working out on their own time. 

The West Family pays $80 per month for all four members. 

The kids each receive 25% off their youth performance classes. Saving Mom and Dad $42 alone. 

Mom enjoys working out in the new Cardio Room while the kids attend Class. If she joins bootcamp, she will save even more!

While Dad hits the weights in his spare time.

*Memberships are not limited to the above examples. Students must be under 17 and show school ID, Adult membership are for 18+. Family Memberships can be more or less than 4. Talk to your coach for more details and questions. 

Pricing options

Single Memberships

Includes all perks listed above

Exclusive 25% Program discount
(applies only to the member)

$20 Initial Processing Fee


Student:   $25 Monthly

Adult:  $40 Monthly 

Family Memberships

Includes all perks listed above

Exclusive 25% Program discount
(applies only to the member)

$20 Initial Processing Fee


Family: $80 
(includes 4 family members)

see the savings

With your membership you can receive exclusive MEMBER PRICING LevelUp Programs and Events for everyone in the Family!

On levelup
That's up to
on one
 12 week 
and over
yearly in
The more you train the more you SAVE!!

also included

The brand new levelup training app!

Designed with our members in mind, our apps allows you to easily view our gym schedule, open court times, manage your account, book classes, and more! And, if you ever forget your keycard, your app can scan you in! 

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 4.02.18 PM.png

This app is connected to Mindbody. If you have an existing Mindbody account you can you that login for our app. If you are an athlete who's account is linked to your parents, you will need to create a new account on the app. Additionally, if you do not have a Mindbody account you will also need to create a new account. 

Membership rules & Details

Membership rules
While the membership allows wide access to the facility there are some aspects that are reserved for
class use only. These include the equipment restrictions of use of the gym will be limited by the schedule of club teams, rentals, and other members use.

The items below are off limits for members unless being supervised by a fitness coach:
• Run Rockets
• Blaze Pods
• Boxing apparatuses
• Vertical Test
• U-Bar


Membership for the weight training area of the gym is limited to those members age 18+ or
greater due to safety concerns.

Use of turf, weight and cardio space is limited to times not occupied by training classes. These
classes may include Adult bootcamps, Highschool training, and youth programs.

There are dedicated time for member use 5 am- 3:30 pm every day and 8pm- close every
day. These times are subject to change due to class schedule changes.

Use of the Level up facility gym near the main entrance is reserved for members at all


Batting cages and specialized equipment is available at a discounted rate to members

Membership Termination
Termination of the membership will include a 30-day notice and payment equal to the price of
one month of membership

This means that a termination notice submitted November 2nd would require payment of
Decembers membership and a fee of $40. Membership is retained until the end of

After 1 year of membership the fee is waived.

Memberships can be down graded at any time active the next billing cycle at no cost.

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