Clean and Lean Challenge

6 Week Challenge: Kicking Off Feb 7th 

But What's Included?

3 x a week or unlimited training program access. This includes our AWESOME Adult Strength and Bootcamp Programs. 

Top of line professional coaching in a fun and supportive environment.

Nutrition guide and coaching to help you stay on track and make improvements outside of the gym.

Accountability and habit forming program to help you make realistic healthy lifestyle changes on your fitness journey.

Weekly check-ins and challenges to keep you on your toes and constantly engaged.

$250 in Cash Prizes, plus other awesome prize packages!

Does this sound like something you want ? 

-Level Up Family


Strength & Bootcamp Program

Train for success! Our awesome fitness program is for men and women of all ages and provides athletic based H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) elements in a group workout class setting. Be pushed to work hard through direction and encouragement from our trainers. 

Nutriton Coaching & Guidance

This 6-week Challenge is based around one goal:  Getting results by eating REAL FOOD. The program is simple - No calorie counting or cycling of macronutrients.  Eat real food, that's the name of the game. This is an easy to follow, realistic nutrition game plan to help you get the most out of your workouts and make some serious lifestyle changes by forming good and healthy habits.

Lose Weight. Gain Muscle. Feel Great.

Our fitness program combined with our nutrition plan is designed to get you RESULTS! We will hold pre and post program evaluations covering everything from weight, waist and hip measurements, and various tests measuring endurance, flexibility and strength. Not only will you gain physical results, but you are going to feel great and accomplish things you never thought you could!

Accountability & Support!

You're not alone in this. Not only will you be coached by professional top of the line trainers and participate in a goal oriented accountability program - you become a part of our awesome fitness community! Gone are the days of going to the gym with no solid plan of attack, motivation or enthusiasm. When you join the challenge, you join the LevelUp Family!

But Is it for me?

This Challenge Is For You If:

You haven’t worked out in 6 months or more.

Our program is custom designed to your needs. We won’t throw you into a workout program and expect you to keep up. We’ll work with you to find out what exercises are safe for you to do and which ones you should avoid doing. This will help us get the results you want without getting hurt.

You’re sick of wasting time doing the same old boring gym routine.

Our classes have tons of variety in it so you’ll never get bored, plus, our coaches will be with you every step of the way so you’re never on your own. We’ll make sure the workouts are fun and that you’re getting results. All you have to do is show up.

You’ve given up fad diets, home workouts, gimmicky quick fix programs.

These programs promise you the world but they are just designed for selling you their next miracle program. At LevelUp, we provide long term solutions to busy adults who want to get results and keep their results. With our carefully crafted meal plan, you will have constant guidance on how to achieve a longterm healthy diet.

You're tired of working hard and not seeing results.

With our team of coaches and all the LevelUp members you will feel like you've gain a whole new support system to keep you striving for the best. With our challenging and fun workouts AND the push you might be lacking, we guarantee you will start to see the results you've been craving. 


LevelUp Training is all around fantastic! I just completed the clean and lean challenge and had a very positive experience. From day 1 I felt welcomed, supported, and encouraged to pursue my fitness goals. Jon and Jacob are wonderful instructors. The workouts are intense, effective, and fun! The fellow dawn patrol boot campers create a positive and friendly environment that makes working out first thing in the morning the best part of my day! I recommend LevelUp Training to anyone no matter what your fitness level.

-Kyle Schlosser

I was very intimidated by the workouts when I started, completely out of my comfort zone, besides the fact that I've never worked out like this or thought I'd be able to..level up and the coaches were knowledgeable and motivating but most of all inspiring! I recommend everyone no matter age, weight, or workout history to try this... I feel better than I've felt in 15 yrs and they gave me the tools to continue my journey..

-Kari Bergmooser

 The coaches are very professional and knowledgable trainers that make working out enjoyable and fun. Before I began working out I was intimidated, this program taught me that intensity and accountability pay off!

-Jody Kohler

Early Bird Non-Member

02/7- 03/20

This includes the complete challenge program:
  • 6 weeks of training at 3 x per week
  • Nutrition Guide and Accountability Program
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Eligibility for prizes


$149 Ends 1/24



02/7- 03/20

This includes the complete challenge program:
  • 6 weeks of training at 3 x per week
  • Nutrition Guide and Accountability Program
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Eligibility for prizes



Current Members

02/7 - 03/20

This is an additional fee to any monthly package:
  • Access to workouts
  • Nutrition Guide and Accountability Program
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Eligibility for prizes



Get Clean & Lean today!

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